Why Choose Exercise 4 Life?

Since 1991, Founder of the Exercise 4 Life program, Adam Slazer has lived by his deep-rooted inner Adam Slazer Exercise for Lifevision of exercise and fitness. His Exercise For Life Philosophy was created to teach people the tremendous benefits of exercise. With spirited enthusiasm and absolute professionalism, he instructs and motivates a wide range of clients to achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals. His knowledge and passion for fitness has allowed him to help many people make a lifetime commitment to their health and to themselves.

Adam is a certified personal trainer with a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education from Southern Connecticut University. In addition to guiding non-athletes and athletes down the fitness road, his experience also includes working with the strength coach for the New York Yankees.

“As a husband and father of 3 I know how important it is feel good about yourself. Proper Exercise and Nutrition play an essential role in being a good parent as well as a good spouse.

If you have been searching for a program to get you moving again, Exercise 4 Life is the answer. For more information and to schedule a FREE Computerized Personal Fitness Assessment ($250.00 Value), contact us now and mention offer FA250.

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