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Free Trial Weight Loss Program

Why you should "try it, before you buy it" Getting in shape can be a time of hard work, progress, hope and the finding of a renewed energy and strength, the last thing you’d want to damper your motivation is the stress of affordability. If you're interested in joining a gym or a workout program in your area, you can often benefit immensely from a free trial weight loss program. See Available Programs. These temporarily free trial weight [...]

Where are the Fitness Boot Camps in Charlotte?

There's something really cool going on at Burn Personal Training in Concord. Adam Slazer, whose experience includes working alongside the strength training team for the New York Yankees, is holding his results driven boot camp classes at this facility. Which means your search for a fitness boot camp in Charlotte should probably be shifted to Concord. Taking the short 10 to 15 minute drive to work with a top expert trainer will be well worth it when you realize what [...]

Affordable Weight Loss Solution For Kids

Exercise 4 Life Concord, NC: Fit Kidz Program Affordable Weight Loss Solution For Kids Childhood obesity is increasing at an alarming rate according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, with numbers rising over the past 30 years in children and young adults. This fact has lead parents to desperately seek out viable solutions to battling this epidemic. For many though, finding an affordable weight loss program for kids has become a stumbling block in [...]

Youth Sports Activities in Concord, NC

Weekend Fitness Program for Kids & Teens Youth Sports Activities in Huntersville, NC Looking for fun youth sports activities in Concord NC? We’ve got the solution in E4L Fit Kidz program! This is Lake Norman’s hottest new kids program with certified instructors who work with your child to improve their athletic performance. Our goal is to give each child the personal attention they need to enhance their athleticism with fun and safe exercise activities. Our instructors are [...]

How Core Exercises Improve Overall Fitness

Benefits of Core Strengthening Exercises Body core exercises are physical exercise routines which focus on the body’s core area which includes the trunk, low back, abs and pelvis. Core exercises improve overall fitness by supporting body weight and improving posture. These body areas are all vital to keep your body stable and maintain balance. Hence, it is necessary to maintain its strength as these are the centre of gravity as well. Body core exercises make your abdominal muscles, hips, [...]

How to Lose Weight through Strength Training

Lose Weight with Strength Training Strength training is a type of exercise done to increase physical strength. It makes use of resistance to muscular contraction to build strength, endurance and muscle vigor. It could either be relative strength training or absolute strength training. Relative strength involves building maximal strength while controlling intake of calories along with some cardio exercises to reduce body weight. On the other hand, absolute strength toughens muscles regardless of the person’s body weight. There [...]

What is an Aerobic Exercise?

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise Aerobic exercise is a type of low-impact physical exercise which depends primarily on the oxygen energy-generating process of the body. It involves activities done for a few minutes and uses oxygen supply to adequately meet your energy needs and demands. Is Aerobics Good for your Health? Yes, it is! Through aerobic metabolism, an aerobic exercise maximizes the effort and workload of your heart, lungs and muscles and produces more strength. An aerobic exercise is [...]

How Cardio Workouts Help Burn Fat

Does Cardio Workouts Burn Fat? The answer to that question is easy! Keep reading... Cardio workouts are exercises which raise your heart rate and keep it elevated for a period of time. Its name stands for itself, as it is best for your cardiovascular system. Cardio workouts increase and maximize blood flow all throughout your body. It is also called aerobic exercise and may include jogging, fast walking, biking or swimming, all in a continuous routine and the best-recommended schedules. [...]

The Benefits Of Plyometrics

What is Plyometric Training Used For? Plyometrics, or “plyos” for short, is a type of exercise designed to produce fast and powerful movements with improved physical performance and strength. These involve speed, quickness and power through explosive, fast-acting movements planned to develop muscular power and improve overall speed. This type of exercise allows muscles to exert maximum force within the shortest period of time as possible. Plyometrics for Speed and Power If you need more speed, more stamina and [...]