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Free Trial Weight Loss Program

Why you should "try it, before you buy it" Getting in shape can be a time of hard work, progress, hope and the finding of a renewed energy and strength, the last thing you’d want to damper your motivation is the stress of affordability. If you're interested in joining a gym or a workout program in your area, you can often benefit immensely from a free trial weight loss program. See Available Programs. These temporarily free trial weight [...]

Where are the Fitness Boot Camps in Charlotte?

There's something really cool going on at Burn Personal Training in Concord. Adam Slazer, whose experience includes working alongside the strength training team for the New York Yankees, is holding his results driven boot camp classes at this facility. Which means your search for a fitness boot camp in Charlotte should probably be shifted to Concord. Taking the short 10 to 15 minute drive to work with a top expert trainer will be well worth it when you realize what [...]