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Hi I’m Minal Thakore and I’m from Concord NC. I have been with Adam and his boot camp class for about a year and since starting the BootCamp I have a lot more energy, a lot more flexibility, and I’ve lost weight and lots of inches and overall I feel much better.
Minal Thakore
I’ve been training with Adam for 5 years and I recently had knee surgery with a quick recovery, which I attribute to the Exercise 4 Life program. It’s been very beneficial.
Tom Welch
Hi, my name is Carolann Gibson and I’m from Concord NC, I’ve been doing the Bootcamp for 2 weeks, I started out doing personal training, and I’m really enjoying the Bootcamp because it provides a lot of comradery….
CarolAnn Gibson, Youtube Review
I’ve been doing BootCamp class for almost a year now and I think it’s a great workout. It’s super efficient, in and out in 45 minutes and it’s total body and I do it a few times a week.
Kimberly Ziirkle, Avada Theme

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“What an awesome program! I have been working out here for 7 weeks and have NEVER done any type of work out in the past. They are extremely helpful and motivating. They make me want to come back the next day.”
Stephanie P., Yelp Review
“I have been working with Adam for over a year now, and I am very pleased with my results. I have dropped body fat and increased my muscle strength and stamina. It is a testament to Adam that I am still motivated and excited to return to class. The workouts are…”
Bradley Smith, Google Review
“I have been with Adam for one year and I am so happy with my results. I have lost inches and weight and seen my stamina improve every time I workout. Adam keeps the workouts fresh and makes sure you are doing the exercises correct. “
Arnold Edwards, Google Review
“I am truly pleased with the program and Adam. I realized I needed a good coach and contacting Adam was the best decision I made. Not only was the program effective, (total weight loss 22 pounds, 11 inches) but Adam kept me on track the whole time….”
Jasmine Burke, Google Review
“Great Boot Camp. Instructors are supportive and motivating; always offering a new challenge. Participants are great fun, too. Each class is different and helps to build strength and endurance.”
Lyle Stricklin, Google Review
“I have been going to Bootcamp for over two years and have had great results. I’ve reduced my body fat, pant size and unwanted pounds in the process. Adam does a great job mixing up our workouts so it never gets boring! Great experience!”
Faith Angel, Google Review
“Adam’s boot camp is awesome! In just 4 months my body has transformed, & I am in the best shape of my life. I have lost weight & inches, dropped my body fat percentage by several points, & gained muscle definition that I never thought possible…..
Elaine Coleman, Google Review
“I’ve known Adam and E4L for years. He has helped many of my friends and colleagues with weight loss and with getting in shape to improve their lives. Recently Adam and his partner Chad, started The Pride Speed School and I can’t recommend them highly enough…”
Matt Burkinshaw, Google Review
This Bootcamp Is Awesome! I’ve lost 7 pounds and 2 inches off my waist and hips in the last three months. I’ve never liked lifting weights but bootcamp makes it FUN! I am also starting to see definition in upper body and all my clothes fit better. You should Try it out and see for yourself :)”
Sherry Heller, Kudzu Review
I have been working out at Exercise 4 Life for almost 3 months and have never felt better about my body! I have dropped 7% body fat in these past months and all while pushing myself to limits I thought I could never reach. Adam’s workout are very difficult, but the reward…
Sarah Hardy, Google Review
It is so empowering! Adam has been my personal trainer for a year and a half now. It is great to have a trainer that is in tune with your personal goals and needs. I love the challenging workouts. Sometimes I don’t think I can do one more set and then Adam has a way a motivating you to…..”
Donna Duffy, Google Review
Makes working out enjoyable! Working with Adam makes exercise (which I treat as a task to be completed on my To Do List) enjoyable. He varies the routines that boredom is not an issue and steady progress is. When I started with Adam, my exercise routine was limited to the treadmill… “
Personal Training + BootCamp! I started working with Adam 3.5 years ago and have great results. When I started, I weighed the most I had in my life and knew I needed to do something. I started with personal training and food journaling. I lost 19 pounds a significant number of inches in my waist and hips…”
Great for working moms! I’ve been working out with Adam for a year now both as a personal training client and as a boot camp class member. During that time my fitness and energy levels have improved dramatically and my body composition has changed for the better. I am leaner and more….”

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